Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Haleakalā 2015: Day 4 - Holua Cabin to Halema`uma`u Trail

Final day at Haleakalā.  Early morning start up the switchbacks of the Halema`uma`u trail.  During the night we watched as about a dozen hikers came down Halema`uma`u, at various times, heading off to Kapalaoa or Paliku or to the Holua camp area.  Was kinda creepy seeing lights descending Halema`uma`u at midnight and having strangers walking past the cabin in the middle of the night.  Of course the hikers that passed by were all very friendly.  Still...kinda eerie.

Beautiful color in the pre-dawn sky above the Ko`olau Gap

Pink skies above the southern rim of the crater 


Good morning Holua

Scrambled (powder) eggs

Group photo - Makiki Ward (LDS) Young Women and Leaders

 Halema`uma`u Trail winds up this wall of the crater

Looking up towards the Leleiwi Overlook on the west wall of the crater

Almost to the base of the crater wall (and the beginning of the switchbacks)

Getting ready to tackle the Halema`uma`u switchbacks

Looking back towards Hola Cabin

Making our way up Halema`uma`u

Ko`olau Gap

Ko`olau Gap 

Halema`uma`u Trail

Looking down on the Halema`uma`u switchbacks 

Halema`uma`u Trail lookout

Almost to the end

The end in sight 

All pau! 

Post-camp lunch at Whole Foods (smoked brisket)!

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