Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Haleakalā 2015: Day 3 - Paliku to Holua Cabin

6.5 mile hike from the lush Paliku cabin across the barren landscape to Holua cabin nestled at the top of the Ko`olau Gap.

Paliku Sunrise.  Sun illuminating the southern wall of the crater

Pancake batter

Non-potable water spigot/faucet

Paliku Cabin

Paliku Cabin - Water catchment tank behind the cabin

Getting the one gas burner ready for breakfast

Filtering water

Making breakfast

Scrambled powdered eggs and Dubliners Cheese - Pretty delicious


Backpack line-up 

 Traffic jam

Mauna Kea, Kohala, Mauna Loa & Hualalai -  4 of 5 volcanoes on Hawaii Island through the Kaupo Gap

Taking advantage of rare shade on the trail

Paliku-Kapalaoa Junction

"Bottomless" pit

Multi-colored cinder craters

Looking towards the summit

Holua Trail looking towards the Ko`olau Gap

Taking a break in the middle of the lava field part of the trail

Ko`olau Gap 

Holua Trail

Holua Cabin

 Chicken Chili Burritos

Mountain House Chicken Chili and Sinaloa Tortillas.  One of the better meals I ate on this trip (jazzed up with some Taco Bell hot sauce and Best Foods Mayo)

Wood stove 


Holua Cabin


Milky Way over Holua Cabin

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