Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Haleakalā 2015: Day 2 - Kapalaoa to Paliku Cabin

Sunrise Kapalaoa Cabin

Mountain House Eggs & Bacon, Dubliners Cheese, Taco Bell Hot Sauce, and Sinaloa Tortillas

My bag (and clothes drying in the background)
50L M/L Kelty Redwing
Kapalaoa to Paliku

Kapalaoa Selfie

Kapalaoa-Holua-Paliku Junction

Paliku Selfie

Paliku-Kaupo Junction

Cliff of Paliku

Paliku Cabin

Waiting for the current residents to clear out.  My favorite of the Haleakala cabins (if only for its remarkable location).  Set at the base of some impressive cliffs.

Inside Paliku Cabin

View from the front door looking out over the Kaupo Gap

Paliku Stars

Cabin nights

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