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Waiakeakua Falls - May 19, 2012


Sommer and I headed out to the back of Manoa Valley and up a relatively short hike to Waiakeakua Falls. Kai and I had hiked up to Waiakeakua Falls last year and I thought Sommer would love this hike (she loves waterfall hikes...well, she tolerates them more than ridge hikes).  The waters of Waiakeakua stream were considered reserved for ali`i.  The stream consists of cool, clear spring water that flows all year round.  O`ahu ali`i would have water brought all the way from Waiakeakua for their use.

The crystal clear water of Waiakeakua stream.  These are rocks under about 3 feet of water.
At around 1.75 miles into the hike is the lower falls.

May 19, 2012 (140/366)





Beyond the lower falls is another waterfall about 15 feet high.





Beyond this falls is a much taller waterfall about 50-60 feet tall. Getting to that waterfall requires a climb up the waterfall. We did not go up to the next waterfall. Others have taken some beautiful pictures of the falls here (Unreal Hawaii). Waiakeakua Falls is a wonderful alternative to the more popular and crowded Manoa Falls, much more wild and a little more work.

Rest of the pictures here:

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